Dosia McKay

  Artist Statement

I am not sure whether I am a painter who composes music or a composer who paints. These two artistic disciplines are so closely intertwined in my mind that it is difficult for me to separate them. When I create, I use the color to represent the harmony (chord structure), the line to represent the melody, and the texture to express the density of the sonic structure.

I paint because I must be surrounded by beautiful objects, vibrant colors, and imaginative landscapes. I believe that various shades of color and interactions between different hues produce emotional responses and have the power to heal, to calm, to energize, and to inspire. I want to share these discoveries with my audience.

I always liked the color combinations of Kandinsky. I have seen many of his works reproduced in art books. Then one day I saw his paintings at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. His juxtaposition of orange against purple was so intense, no laser printer could reproduce it. And there I was, experiencing the energy in person. I wept - from happiness.

I was born and raised in Poland during the last decades of communism. I was drawn to various art forms since childhood and my formative years were spent studying classical music and flute performance. Early 1990s brought me to the United States and opened my eyes to the possibilities I have never considered before.

I studied Computer Integrated Drafting and Design in college and for over 10 years have worked as a technical illustrator. My drawings grace hundreds of patents issued to inventors around the United States. But today I steer away from the mechanical drawings which are driven by precision and trigonometry. Instead I venture out into the world of imagination and abstraction.

I create my pieces in a very intuitive and introspective way. I don't like to limit myself to any particular format, technique, or current trends in the world of art. I use various media and techniques. I like watercolors, acrylics, markers, pencils, as well as digital paint. I am fascinated by color and texture, freedom and whimsicality, but also by order and classic geometry.

In addition to creating visual art, I also compose music, play the flute, and write short stories and poetry. My studio is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.