Dosia McKay

Color Me Blue

for Soprano Saxophone, 2 Vibraphones, and Bass

What happens when Counterpoint meets jazz? Lot's of interesting things. Colorful progressions, virtuoso solo passages, and a little bit of a "mood" are all found in Color Me Blue.

  Sampled sounds, computer rendition

Composed: 2007
Total duration: 5'

Difficulty level: Advanced

Published by Gavia Music (ASCAP)
Laser printed, professionally bound
8.5 X 11 score and parts


PDF file
8.5 X 11 score and parts


Past performances:

  • Nathan Keedy, soprano saxophone, Laurel Black, vibraphone, Jeremy Smith, vibraphone, Daniel Shifflett, bass, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, March 29, 2009 (premiere)

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