Dosia McKay
Dosia McKay
I paint on a post-classical canvas, with a touch of rock, jazz, electronic soundscape, and maybe even some EDM trance. Oh yes, and I composed a piece for piano and typewriter.

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Dosia McKay - American composer of music for concert hall, film, and modern dance. Her portfolio includes works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, choir, symphony orchestra, as well as synthesized sound.


  • Endless Immersion offers the listener passage to another dimension where time does not exist. Set to release in the Spring of 2015.

  • Glossolalia has been released on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and others. MP3 downloads and audio CDs are available.

  • "Parting" will be recorded by the Argentine guitar virtuoso Sergio Puccini for his upcoming album release.

  • TrancePhonica a new single of uplifting symphonic trance is available for download.

  • Sweet Baby - a fun piece for SATB chorus a cappella was premiered in June by the members of the C4 Ensemble in New York.

  • "Mereise Ine Me" - a new piece for electronically enhanced voice and a bass instrument

  • "City Lights" - a new soundscape

  • "First in Flight" - a new piece for vibraphone and string quartet

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