Dosia McKay
Dosia McKay Dosia McKay - American composer and conductor for concert hall, film, and modern dance


  • A new album highlighting my music for string quartet

  • Glossolalia - a new piece for string quartet

  • "Mereise Ine Me" - a new piece for electronically enhanced voice and a bass instrument

  • "City Lights" - a new soundscape

  • "First in Flight" - a new piece for vibraphone and string quartet

  • "Parting" - a piece for solo Baroque lute

  • My debut album Lacrimosa is now available on iTunes and other major retailers. A post-classical fusion of the Medieval, Renaissance, Electronic Soundscape, and New Age Ambient music. A journey through meditative and sacred spaces, as well as joy and abandonment in highly dynamic dance sequences.


  • A monodrama / song cycle with a modern twist
  • A contemporary mass, an intersection of the divine and the frail
  • An album highlighting my music for string orchestra
  • Tell me about your project and how my music could enhance it

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